Heruka the Tibetan Crystal Skull

Heruka the Tibetan Crystal Skull

Heruka the Tibetan Crystal Skull


Heruka the Tibetan Crystal Skull



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"Buddhas have the ability to display their mind as form, such as the forms of living beings and inanimate objects. For this reason it is said that Buddhas’ emanations pervade the whole universe." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Heruka is an authentic crystal skull from the Ali province of Tibet.  Used by Tibetan monks as a sacred relic, Heruka is an extraordinary gift and universal servant of humanity that can deeply transform our lives and awaken our being.  Many reputable clairvoyants have stated that Heruka is an ancient crystal skull with esoteric wealth that was used by various spiritual traditions for eons.   He's also been blessed by three enlightened masters from India, sacred relics belonging to Buddha, and fully activated by his guardian Yogi Shyamasundara, founder of Krishna Marga in Los Angeles.

Heruka's dimensions are 7.25" x 4.75" x 5.5" and weighs 8.63 lbs, about the size of a human skull. 

As a spiritual guru, mystic yogi, and master healer with over 32 years of meditation experience and 19 years of intense spiritual training with enlightened masters, Yogi Shyamasundara composed sacred yogic processes that awakens the Kundalini of the participants and connect them with their enlightened consciousness in the presence of Heruka.  These mystic processes are what he calls the Portal to Cosmic Consciousness.  Once the participants are aligned with Sri Krishna and Heruka, the rest becomes an automatic powerful process that is unique and deeply personal.  The rest can only be experienced! 

Past participants have reported experiences of blissful love, enlightened consciousness, manifesting miracles, spiritual awakenings, physical and emotional healings, visions, mystic states, astral travel, guidance from Holy Beings and Spiritual Masters, and experiences of dissolving into Light and Emptiness.  You'll receive exactly what you're meant to receive and that can change drastically from one Heruka event to the other! Very powerful phenomena happen in the presence of this sacred relic, which is simply beyond words and can only be experienced. 

Scroll down to read Yogi Shyamasundara's story on how he became Heruka's guardian.  To read testimonials of previous Heruka events click here.  To read testimonials about Yogi Shyamasundara click here

Since Heruka events typically reach full capacity, advance pre-registration is highly recommended.  The registration link is on the upper right hand corner of this page.  Some events also offer the opportunity for participants who wish to have one-on-one time with Heruka to register for 60 minute private sessions.  These private sessions are self-guided and give you the flexibility to connect with Heruka in your own personal way.  Group private sessions have a limit of 3 participants per session (registration is required for each participant). If you can't be physically present for this event, you can still receive the blessings of this powerful event by registering as a participant in absentia.  Yogi Shyamasundara will then include you to receive the blessings of this sacred ceremony.  All participants must agree to our client consent, photography and videotaping policy in order to attend our events.  You can find this policy by clicking here.

How I Became the Guardian of a Tibetan Crystal Skull

Yogi Shyamasundara relays his story,

"Hari Om Tat Sat eternal embodiments of Divine Consciousness.  In September 2009, I was relaxing at home when out of the blue I turned to my spouse and said, 'I need to find a crystal skull.'  Surprised by the statement I had just made, I was intrigued that these unexpected words had come from my mouth.  Though I have great respect for all traditions, I had never had a personal interest in crystal skulls nor had I done any research in this matter.  However, soon after relating this message, I was enveloped by a powerful sacred energy that drove me to search for a crystal skull.

I kept searching for weeks on end, not knowing what I was looking for and certainly not knowing where to find it, but something powerful kept driving me to keep searching.  If someone had told me a week earlier that I would be looking for a crystal skull, I wouldn't believe that person.  And yet here I was searching for one!  I hadn't chosen crystal skulls, but for reasons I didn't understand at the time, they had chosen me.

I continued, like a madman, looking for a specific crystal skull, but I had no idea where to find it.  I just couldn't stop.  It was a fascinating phenomenon.  I was looking everywhere and every place I could possibly think of.  I felt like superman, with supernatural energy that allowed me to search for 14+ hours a day.  There were times when I thought to myself, 'I think I've gone crazy! My spouse is probably thinking that I've gone mad!' And there were times when he did seem concerned about me.  Then again, can you blame him?!  Everyday my life was consumed with this urgent quest. 

Along this journey, so much interesting crystal skull information began flowing through my consciousness.  As if memories from a time long ago were awakened and downloaded into my mind.  I was shown in meditation various ways to use crystal skulls to heal, serve, and bless others.  This information was new to me, and I wasn't sure what I would do with it.  Already an established spiritual guru and master healer, I certainly knew I didn't need a crystal skull to help others and I wasn't sure how my spiritual community would receive such news.  Yet my search went on .  Day in and day out this search was as intense as the day it had started and I began to wonder if it would ever stop. 

Then in January 2010, I discovered an amazing crystal skull in the care of a Tibetan artifacts dealer, who specialized in very old sacred relics from Tibetan monasteries.  At that moment, the intensity that had dominated my life shattered and I was finally at peace.  I was excited!  After all that time, all those endless hours, we were finally standing face to face with each other.  I was mystified by his looks and deeply touched by his vibration...so beautiful and deep. 

As the euphoria from this reunion subsided, I thought, 'What am I doing? I don't need this crystal skull!'  However, I could feel his sacred presence calling me throughout each day and his image kept appearing in my mind.  So time and again I returned to look at this captivating and mysterious crystal skull. 

I finally decided the least I could do, after all that, was to conduct impartial esoteric tests.  As an avid collector of sacred relics, I only acquire those special relics that I have fully verified can awaken profound spiritual mystic states in others.  So I put Heruka through these vigorous tests.  To my delight, time and again my consciousness was elevated to experiences of profound love and light that dissolved me into peaceful emptiness.  It was truly magnificent!

On one occasion, while meditating deeply with this skull, I had a vivid encounter with a Buddha that manifested before me sitting on a throne.  He smiled at me with great kindness and a tremendous love exuded from his eyes.  He felt so familiar to me, like a dear friend from a time long ago.  He uttered the name, "Heruka", and dissolved into the crystal skull.  I was deeply touched by this experience.  It is for this reason that this skull is named Heruka.  Since Heruka is the Buddha of ultimate reality in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition; the true nature of all phenomena as infinite light, love and bliss, and the very enlightened consciousness within us, I instantly understood that a divine consciousness wanted us to look deeper into this crystal skull, for something special was awaiting.  But what I asked myself?

A couple of weeks later, I called a dear friend of mine, Diana Navarro, a healer and clairvoyant herself.  I didn't want to affect the results so I didn't share my experiences with her.  I simply asked if she could meditate with "this crystal skull" and tell me if she had any impressions.  She called me later that day and told me the first thing she heard was the name, "Heruka".  My heart was excited to hear this news.  She went on to tell me of profound mystical states she experienced as she meditated with Heruka.  We were both truly touched by these first initial experiences. 

I also consulted my father who has dedicated most of his life to studying esoteric wisdom.  Once again, I did not relay my experiences, but simply asked him to offer any impressions he got, if any.  After meditating with Heruka, my father said, 'You must get this crystal skull! He's been looking for you.  It is thousands of years old.  The decorations came later, but the skull itself is ancient.  If you can't do it, you can't do it.  But if you can find a way, don't let him go.  He's something very special.  I wouldn't be surprised if the eyes and colored stones turn out to be something that humanity hasn't seen in a long time.  When I meditated with him, his eyes began to float by themselves.  There is something really special about his eyes.  He's an amazing crystal skull.' 

Given my clairvoyant experiences and the sacred vibration that Heruka emanates, I knew without any doubt that he was an authentic sacred relic.  It reminded me of the vibration of the sacred relics I had experienced in the ancient temples of India.  Heruka certainly emanates such divine vibrations.  So I asked the Tibetan dealer for more information.  I wanted to know everything there was to know about this sacred crystal skull. 

He informed me that he had acquired Heruka from a family in the Ali province of Tibet.  It had been a family ancestral Buddhist ritual item for more than 100 years and had been gifted to them by a Buddhist monk, as this family was known to host high dignitary Lamas in their home.  Generations later, the family decided to sell Heruka, along with other sacred relics they had been gifted by these Lamas, to this Tibetan relics dealer.

I was intrigued with this new information and became concerned that Heruka would end in a private collection where the general public would have no access or knowledge of him.  'A sacred relic of this magnitude needs to be shared with the world', I thought.  So I was deeply moved to acquire him.  I immediately assembled a private team of senior disciples and clairvoyants to independently work with Heruka and share with me their results. 

To my great delight, all of the volunteers reported amazing experiences.  A couple of them started as skeptics, and a couple were even a little afraid of his looks, but were quickly transformed.  Over and over again, they reported powerful experiences of love, deep meditative consciousness, vivid psychic visions, emotional and physical healings, and a deep feeling of dissolving into a peaceful emptiness.  After much testing and deliberation, I came to the definitive conclusion that Heruka was not just very special, but was here to serve humanity on a universal level.

The Tibetan dealer was a very kind and honest man who gained my trust through his incredible patience as he answered my never-ending questions.  He was so confident in Heruka that he even offered me 45 days so that I could get Heruka tested and validate his authenticity.  With that being said, my esoteric authentication of Heruka and those of my volunteer team, I knew there was no going back, so I acquired Heruka. 

I immediately used my time wisely and had Heruka analyzed by professionals to learn everything I could about him.  I contacted William Novotny, an appraiser in the city of San Gabriel with 30 years of experience, but he said Heruka was beyond his expertise and did not think any appraiser would be able to help me.  Instead he advised me to contact a curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  I contacted this curator, but he couldn't tell me much either and suggested that I send Heruka to their laboratory in Santa Fe.  However, tests were extremely expensive and time consuming so it just wasn't feasible.  I then took Heruka to Arnold's Fine Jewelry, a high-end jewelry store in Pasadena that's been in business since 1890.  The gemologist, Bruce Arnold, was a kind man who analyzed the jewels on his crown and the eyes with his scientific equipment for free.  However, the results were filled with mystery.  The eyes appear to be rainbow obsidian, however, the spectrometer reading and the specific gravity did not match that of obsidian.  He said, 'This is really a mystery to me. It is definitely natural, but I just don't know what it is.  I thought it was obsidian at first, but it is too light.  As if something else is in it.  I thought it was feldspar, but that isn't right either.  I just don't know.  This is strange. I've never seen anything like this before.'  The colored stones on the crown were also tested several times, but the results were inconclusive.  I asked the gemologist about the tiny holes on the colored stones and whether this indicated that they were modern.  He said to me, 'Well our ability to do this on a gemstone has been around for a few thousands years!' 

I also met with an old colleague of mine, Donna Ballard, a gemologist in North Hollywood with over 20 years of experience, who kindly agreed to analyze the whole skull.  She couldn't determine what the stones were without equipment, but she said she was very intrigued with the crystal skull itself, as this single piece of quartz exhibits characteristics of quartz found in completely different parts of the world!

Other things to note are that the colored stones on the crown are held in place with pitch (tar), which both gemologists said was very unusual.  The symbol on Heruka's crown (the double vajra) is used to consecrate sacred relics in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which confirms that he was used as a sacred relic in Buddhist ceremonies.  We know Heruka was hand carved, since the eyes, nostrils and eyebrows are asymmetrical. 

So after meeting with professionals, Heruka is as much of a mystery as before.  Instead of answers, I was left with more questions.  Who made Heruka and for what purpose? Where did he come from originally? What was he doing in a Buddhist monastery and why did they use him in sacred ceremonies?  Why did Buddhist monks gift this sacred relic to this family?  How could a professional with modern scientific equipment not be able to determine what the eyes are made of?  How is it possible that a single piece of quartz exhibits characteristic of quartz from different parts of the world?  How old is Heruka?  Why is his  energy so powerfully sacred and beautiful?  Why does he feels like a child whom you can't help but love in his presence?  Who was that being who appeared to me and uttered the name "Heruka"?

Right before the end of 45 days, the Tibetan dealer asked if I planned to keep Heruka.  I knew there was no way I could return him.  The universe had made me the caretaker of this precious crystal skull and we had both worked very hard to find each other.  So with great delight, I decided Heruka was here to stay.  He had become very dear to us like a family member.

The dealer was happy to hear this and relayed a fascinating story.  He said that a couple of days before I acquired Heruka, a private collector came to his store and offered to buy him.  The dealer didn't sell Heruka only because he had already committed him to me.  So the collector requested the dealer to notify him if I returned this crystal skull.  Without knowing it, I was literally days away from losing Heruka and just as I feared, he would have ended up in a private collection.  It was at that moment that I realized the urgency of the sacred energy that kept pushing me.  I was running out of time and I didn't even know it.  The universe was making sure that I didn't lose a single moment.  A difference of just days would have meant a different story. 

People ask if I personally believe Heruka is an ancient crystal skull.  I can say that he certainly feels very old to me, but I never got him for that reason.  I acquired him because he's a very special sacred relic that has the ability to affect the lives of others, and awaken consciousness in a way that is beautiful and deep.  For me that's more important than age.  So I'm not concerned with how old Heruka may be, but instead more interested in what he can do for humanity, both on a universal and individual level. 

On the other hand, several reputable clairvoyants have independently stated that Heruka is ancient. Internationally renowned medium, Wendy Kennedy, channeled information about Heruka.  She stated that Heruka is 12,000 years old.  However, the quartz stone that Heruka was carved out of was used for a long time prior to it being carved into a skull.  She related that there are four guardians protecting libraries of secret information within Heruka on healing, divine secret knowledge, recordings of Earth's history, and inter-dimensional travel.  These four guardians had brought me to Heruka because of my sincere spiritual service to humanity.  That Heruka had come to me so that I could extract the information and share Heruka with others. 

Two psychics, Jill Jackson and Joan Darlene, independently reported seeing Heruka used in a Rama temple in Indonesia, in ancient times.  

My spouse, Ed Bishop, who's also clairvoyant, channeled this wonderful information.  He said, "This is a very special and sacred crystal skull with a very important purpose for humanity.  The skull is thousands of years old.  However, the copper work is only 100-300 years old.  There used to be something else where the eyes are now, but it was accidentally lost and destroyed a long time ago.  The stones on the top and the eyes belong to two other sacred relics that were used with this skull.  In an effort to keep these items from getting lost too, the copper work was added by Tibetan Buddhist monks to keep the essential parts together and to identify this skull as a special sacred relic.  However, the lost parts do not take away from the skull itself.  I'm getting that the colored stones are actually manmade crystals.  These crystals were made with a particular purpose a long time ago.  Both the eyes and the stones are very special.  The family was given this crystal skull by Buddhist monks over 100 years ago.  One of their family members was a monk himself and so they entrusted this family with this sacred relic.  These monks foresaw what was to happen in Tibet in the near future and they wanted to keep this crystal skull safe.  The family was compelled to sell this skull when the time was right so that it could find its way to you.  There is a special past-life connection between you and Heruka.  You both have been working together for many lifetimes. You had originally commissioned this crystal skull thousands of years ago to serve your mission.  This is your crystal skull and he calls you whenever you take rebirth in this world to assist you in your spiritual missions."

And though the idea that Heruka and I have been working together for many lifetimes may sound a bit strange and unusual.  I have heard this time and again from random clairvoyant strangers, with no prior knowledge of me or Heruka, and without me asking them anything, that I had to ask myself, "Why does this message keep coming to me?"  

I look back on my sacred journey and see that day by day, I was catapulted towards a new understanding on how Heruka could help serve humanity.  At first I contacted several crystal skull experts in this field to ask their advice, but I didn't find the answers I was looking for.  So I decided to use my wealth of spiritual knowledge to discover it on my own.  As a spiritual guru, mystic yogi, and master healer with extensive experience in yogic sciences, discovering how to work with Heruka was very natural to me.  Using mystic processes, I consecrated Heruka as a universal enlightened servant of humanity.  Test after test revealed new information that led me to compose and modify dynamic sacred yogic processes that awaken the Kundalini of the participants and connect them with their enlightened consciousness, so that they can connect with divine wisdom, sacred blessings, mystic states, and divine states of oneness with God.  These mystic yogic processes are what I call "The Portal to Cosmic Consciousness".  Once the participants are spiritually aligned with Heruka, the rest becomes an automatic powerful process that is unique and deeply personal.  The rest can only be experienced! 

My heart is delighted that so many have reported such profound experiences in my Heruka events.  There are those who have received miraculous healings and prosperity blessings.  Others have reported clairvoyant visions of hallways in ancient Egypt, ancient temples in Indonesia, prehistoric eras including jungles with dinosaurs, alien planets with their inhabitants, and beautiful spiritual realms.  Some have reported astral projection and others have spoken directly with  Buddhas. In several events, more than 95% of the participants reported feeling the presence of holy beings walking around, offering blessings to everyone.  Amongst the most common experiences, are the experiences of love, peace, bliss, and deep meditative consciousness.  The stories go on and on, and each experience is deeply personal for each participant.  That is why I recommend that you honor your experiences and not compare yourselves with others.  You'll receive exactly what you're meant to receive and that can change drastically from one event to the other.  All we can do is enjoy the journey.  So come as you are and experience Truth in your own Sacred Nature.  You don't need to believe, you just need to be open to sacred possibilities.  The rest will take care of itself as you awaken to Cosmic Consciousness and the Divine Presence of God within you.

This magnificent journey has been an auspicious adventure and I'm honored to have Heruka be a part of my sacred mission, as we travel this path of love, peace, healing, and enlightenment together in oneness for all beings.  Thank you for listening to my story.  I pray it has touched your heart.  I love you, honor you, and bow down to your Divinity and to God within you.  Om Namo Narayanaya.  Om Shanti (Peace)."

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I went to a meditation session with Heruka led by Yogi Shyamasundara several months ago. It was truly amazing!

For weeks after I felt such peace and bliss.

-Janice Joy Miller


Aloha Yogi Shyamasundara! Wow, I don't even know where to begin! I originally met Heruka in the beginning of last year and what a year and a half it's been! I was finally able to get out of a relationship I had wanted to get out of for years, moved to where I wanted, went to the school I wanted and met the guy I wanted! I have been calling Heruka on and off since then, and I feel like Heruka has been almost the main driving force, catalyst and support for all that has transpired in my life thus far! There is more I have not mentioned, I have changed so much, everything I have asked for, I have received and more ... so many miracles .... I am so grateful and beyond thankful!

You will most definitely be seeing and hearing more of me in the future!

-Namaste! Francine


Good Morning World, and a very good morning it is.  Last night I experienced the most Profound, Enlightening, Loving evening at Cosmic Om as we welcomed the Fall Equinox with Heruka and Amun-Ra, and a Full Moon. Need I say more?  Well actually I do need to say more. First I must say there is not one event that I walk away from Cosmic Om a different person from my beautiful experience in Yogi Shyamasundara's truly amazing sanctuary! But last night with Heruka and Amun-Ra I was taken to all new heights.  I experienced so much, way beyond words to do them justice, but I will try.

I saw and felt Light, Unconditional Love, saw 3 of my Past Lives, and experienced Healings for what I brought into this Life, my whole body was cleansed, I saw so many Beautiful beings, and so much more. Like I said it is so hard to put this experience in words so thank you for reading this far. I just would LOVE for everyone to have an experience like I did. It truly will change your Life, and just really affirms there is so much to Life, Love, Beauty here, you don't have to wait until you cross over.  Live it NOW!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Yogi Shyamasundara for your never ending devotion of your Love, Energy, Compassion and being willing to bring all that you learn to share with us. All that you do is Priceless! I would be at every single event you have, if it was possible.  So, I put this message out to everyone, if you would like your Life to change please experience at least one event at Cosmic Om. Your Life will be forever changed. It will give you something in your Mind, Body, and Soul that will make you want to take in all that you can, and seek more so you can truly come home to your True Self, and really live on & in Heaven on Earth. Because it is all right here, right now inside of You! You could not ask for a more Powerful, Loving Teacher than Yogi Shyamasundara.  And believe me I have had a lot of Teachers; no one comes even close to Yogi Shyamasundara! Give yourself a Gift, the Gift of Living, have one experience with Yogi Shyamasundara!

-Much Love, and Many Blessings, Joan Darlene, Healer & Teacher


Namaste Yogi Shyamasundara thank you for an incredible experience last night. Remember during Atma Kriya you looked up at me while in the meditation circle and you saw Babaji enter into my physical space, well that happened again last night. It was such a blissful experience I could never forget it, but it felt like Heruka but not 100% sure. Otherwise, I could not sleep until 2:30 this morning and was up at 6am feeling even more blissful. I see you as a Buddha my friend and may your light and love continue to illuminate this planet in serve to all. I AM here for you whenever you need me, may the long time sun shine upon you!

-ALOHA! - Sam Branco


Thank you so very very much for the truly SPECTACULAR Heruka event last night! You created such a magnificent process of rituals, mantras, and meditation that helped us connect so deeply and profoundly to Heruka, enhancing an already incredible experience in so many ways. Your clearings and Deekshas were amazing, and the Gong meditation energized every cell in my body. That one gong sounded like a choir of angels :-) I reached such deep and beautiful states of consciousness, and felt Heruka's energies flow through me in waves of bliss until I could barely function. I'm still buzzing and glowing, feeling him working on me, and already looking forward to the next time!

-Love, Ed Bishop


I am so blessed to have been a part of your Heruka Event!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Yogi Shyamasundara!!!!!! :))))  I fell asleep into the most peaceful blissful state after the event. The energy during the event was so very high!!! So intense! The energy from Cosmic Om and Heruka was surging intensely thru my veins. The gong was one of my favorite parts... I think I should go have a gong played above my body all day like the monks you told us about, lol. The vibrations of the gong buzzed in my head so that inside of my mind were sound vibrations instead of inner chatter. And it was so very kind of you to stay so late for an added manifestation meditation! Yogi Shyamasundara your kindness is too much for me to comprehend. Heruka and Yogi Shyamasundara, Thank You!

-Kelly Kuhn


Thank you for the generous Heruka event last night. It seems silly to call it an event because it is more like a healing session. You work tirelessly to clear our nadis and all our different koshas week after week as we do little but contaminate them. Your patience is amazing! Thank you for serving us so whole-heartedly! I woke up a few times during the night and I was chanting mantras from the class. Then I woke up this morning and I was still chanting them. I love when this happens! It is so much more beautiful than waking up to decipher my insane dreams. My love to you and to sweet Heruka for the countless ways you bless our lives!

-Jen Laske


Yogi Shyamasundara, I have such a testimonial to send you! My life has changed in the most incredibly auspicious ways, slowly but surely, ever since you and Heruka entered my life. My gratitude is boundless. Many blessings and thank you!!

-Love, Elizabeth Visick


Hello Yogi Shyamasundara,

A wonderful thing happened to a friend the other day because of Heruka... my friend has recently become a Buddhist nun and I went over to see her with my crystal skulls. She rang me that night to say that after I left she had got on to Google and came across Heruka! She said she received the most amazing healing from him as she had been suffering from asthma in the heat for the previous 4 weeks (we are in Australia!)... she was totally astounded! How wonderful is that?! Thank you so much... love and light to you and Heruka!!

-Paula Forster


Hi Yogi Shyamasundara, it’s your student Lolaji,
I just wanted you to know that I woke up today and the whiplash problem in my neck which has been really, really serious and really hard for anyone to heal is about 80% healed today! It’s amazing!! My neck has not felt this good and normal in so long. I can actually move my neck all the way around now, whereas I couldn’t even move it in certain directions before. So I wanted you to know. I mean there is something really, really amazing about Heruka! I actually feel very, very different today.
I wanted you to know that I took the rosary that you let me charge by setting it on the altar next to Heruka. I put that rosary on the back of my neck last night because my neck was hurting and fell asleep. I woke up today and it was still on the back of my neck and I know I moved around all through the night! So I have no idea how it stayed on the back of my neck like that because it wasn’t around my neck, it was just resting on my neck. It never moved!!
I’m sure by tomorrow my neck’s going to be completely healed. Amazed!!! I just wanted you to know. I have the most amazing experiences with you Yogi Shyamasundara. You’re just amazing! So I just wanted to tell you all this.

-I send you much love and much, much gratitude, Lola


What an amazing ceremony last night! It wasn't like anything I could have imagined or expected. It was so great to sit in community with total strangers and feel like we all knew each other from somewhere else. There was none of the timidity and shyness I normally experience when I arrive alone to a group of new people. You and Ed and everyone else are just beautiful, beautiful people.

I was so moved to see the smile in your eyes and thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work and for arranging for such beautiful space to be held.

-Hugs, Alice Flower


Namaste Yogi Shyamasundara,

Thank you for hosting such a beautiful sacred Fall Equinox! I wanted to sincerely thank you for welcoming me into your sacred place to celebrate the Fall Equinox, as well as sharing the amazing opportunity to meet Amun-Ra and Heruka! I have never had the pleasure to be in the presence of such pure beautiful energy as these crystal skulls. You were so right, the energy is completely opposite between Amun-Ra and Heruka! My hand was vibrating so fast while I was holding the circle space with Amun-Ra!  I look forward to attending more events in the future!

-Light and Love, Jill Jenkins-Simmons, Psychic


The Sweetness that you exuded inspired all who met you this weekend...Heruka could only be in the keep of a High Being...I too felt Blessed in your company.....next year in LA!!

-Stephen Mehler, Archaeologist & Author


I want to share with you my amazing experience last night during my healing session with Heruka. I put my hands around him with my thumbs at his third eye, and immediately felt a surge of energy through my whole body. This continued for some time, maybe a few minutes, then suddenly the energy began to get more and more intense and I felt myself going deeper and deeper. I had been asking silently for a healing for my back and also for our finances, and as the energy changed I heard a voice say "I will provide for you". Through my closed eyes I saw a burst of light rays coming from Heruka, and my body felt like I was rushing toward the center of the rays. My whole body was buzzing and tingling, and the pain in my back disappeared. This went on for a while, I don't know how long, then all of a sudden the center of the light burst opened like clouds parting to reveal a scene that looked at first like a planet surface spinning in front of me, but as it got closer I saw it was like clusters of galaxies, millions of stars, and the whole thing was spinning counter-clockwise, getting faster as it seemed to be coming closer to me. As the spiraling galaxies filled my field of vision, a burst of multi-colored light appeared at the center, and I had a very strong feeling that it was alive, an energy being or angel. At its center were two dark orbs, very much like Heruka's eyes. This entity hovered in front of me for a few moments, pulsing and vibrating, giving me a great feeling of vastness and love.  I felt so relaxed, a feeling that everything was perfect.  Then a loud noise brought me out of it and the vision faded away, though I still felt the energy tingling in my body for quite some time. After the experience some of my back pain returned, but it was noticeably less. When I woke up this morning my back was at least 80% better! Considering I could barely stand yesterday, and this morning I was able to get out of bed immediately without any special effort, I consider this a miracle! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

-Ed Bishop, Video Editor, Writer & Producer


At first glance I was a bit intimidated by the appearance of Heruka.  With his elaborate adornments and majestic feel I felt a bit overwhelmed by his presence.  With slight hesitation I decided to ask for a blessing.  I had anticipated that his energy might be strong and powerful and maybe a type of energy that I really wasn’t seeking or needing at the time.  To my surprise it was quite the opposite!  I started seeing a white blanket of light making its way towards me; I saw it over my head and slowly covering my entire body.  A thought came into my mind, a funny comment I had made to somebody and it made me smile, but instead of the thought snapping me out of it (as normally happens when you lose concentration on a meditative state), the experience remained.  I went into this state of happiness and joy even more.  It seemed as if this small joy had expounded a thousand fold.  I felt so light and airy I no longer felt my body.  I felt free and it seemed as if I was everywhere.  Nothing defined me, I no longer felt my body, I was just being, I had no container (body) I was just experiencing this great joy.  Moments later the experience settled in and I began to realize that this is all I ever wanted...to be free.  It has provided a taste of what I need to strive for.  It has truly humbled me and has awoken me to the possibilities.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Betty Ortiz, Education Coordinator


Thank you for the opportunity to meditate with Heruka!  Upon starting the meditation I heard his name, Heruka.  The skull was facing me, our foreheads met and immediately I felt pressure on my third eye center.  It felt like he was trying to come into my head but their was resistance.  I then focused on my heart center and expanded myself from there.  Heruka then connected with my forehead again and was able to quickly flow into my head; he was now superimposed over my own skull.    I felt love energy emanating from my head and flowing throughout all my bodies.  After some time a beam of light shot out from both the far left and right sides of my forehead simultaneously.  Then a second, third, and fourth beams of light came out from both sides of my head, going towards the center.  Finally, a large beam of light shot out from the center of my head, in alignment with my third eye center.  It felt as if light energy was coming into my head activating the blue pearl in the center of my head.  This energy continued for some time and then the beams of light faded away.  He removed himself from my skull and was facing me again.  I could feel joy emanating from him; I could almost see him smile.  He then nodded his head at me and I nodded back to him and then he was gone.

-Diana Navarro, Healer & Psychic


Meditating with Heruka has been an amazing and unexpected experience. I have meditated with Heruka a few times now and I find that when I start I'm very quickly brought to a state of calmness. I feel a great warmth and love in my heart. I feel my heart open in his presence. I feel a strong connection and deep love for Heruka and the feeling seems mutual.  I'm put into a deep state of meditation rather quickly and without much effort. I simply seem to melt in his presence.

I also had an experience when I was rather upset and went to meditate with Heruka.  When I was finished all I felt was warmth and love and the anger I felt simply wasn't there anymore. It was a very beautiful experience for me! 

I have also noticed that ever since I meditated with Heruka, my Vajrapani sadhana has been more powerful and I feel a stronger connection to Vajrapani than I have in the past.

-Robert Barry, Administrative Assistant

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Guestbook Comments

"Beautiful intense heavy energy penetrating my being; such blissful peace!" - D.R.


"Deep emptiness and bliss, simply speechless!" - R.B.


"Physically shaking by the time we were done.  Energy was very intense throughout.  Had visions and messages during the meditation.  Heruka guided me to meditate with him each morning and evening.  Feels like so much happened in such a short time.  Feels as if I have been fully opened and cleared.  Vibrating at a much higher level." - D.N.


"Felt peace and activity in my hurt shoulder.  Saw and felt I was in space.  Beautiful! Periods of no thoughts for minutes at a time.  Hard to explain but profound!" - A.B. 


"I am craving Heruka, want to hold him, connect deeper. I experienced a calm peaceful mind when I was connected, just want more more more!" - J.L.

"Tonight's class was amazing . . . it was such a great pleasure to meet Heruka . . . I can't wait to the next one!" -S.B.


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