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Moksha Marga was founded in 2008, by Yogi Shyamasundara, as a spiritual yogic tradition dedicated to the enlightenment of humanity.  Moksha Marga means: 'The Path to God and Enlightenment'.

Yogi Shyamasundara's mission is to awaken all souls to inner enlightenment through the sacred yogic science of the holy Rishis (sages), through the teachings of God's incarnations and the holy Gurus, and his direct experience of God and enlightenment. Yogi Shyamasundara is a servant of God and all sincere seekers wishing to attain union with God through enlightenment. 

"Enlightenment is our original nature, the divinity we already are, but have yet to discover.  In this eternal transcendental state, we awaken to the supreme bliss of oneness with God and the pure fulfillment that arises in the everlasting peace of our divinity.  This liberation from the mistaken appearance as human, to awaken as Divinity, is Moksha." - Yogi Shyamasundara

"One whose happiness is within, who is active and rejoices within, and whose aim is inward is actually the perfect mystic.  He is liberated in the Supreme, and ultimately attains the Supreme." - Sri Krishna

"God cannot be understood, but can only be experienced through our own divinity, through the lens of our enlightened consciousness. Moksha is yoga (union) with our Supreme Self, union with God and Creation." - Yogi Shyamasundara

"Maharasa is this only, Satsang!  Where one experiences so much love and joy, that everywhere only God is visible, that is Maharasa. Where nothing besides God exists; if such a feeling arises in you that you forgot everything else, then know that Maharasa has happened." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"The state of Cosmic Consciousness is grand and sublime.  It is beyond description.  The mind and speech return from it baffled, as they are not able to grasp and describe it.  The language and words are imperfect.  It induces awe, supreme joy and highest unalloyed felicity, free from pain, sorrow, and fear.  This is divine experience." - Sivananda

"God is infinite, blissful, omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, beyond mind, time & space.  He permeates and emanates as the whole creation, yet is personal and abides as the Supreme Self in all beings.  Experienced in such a profound way, through deep meditation in oneness with God, the sages proclaim, "Hari Om Tat Sat! There is only God!" - Yogi Shyamasundara

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   Satsang: Yoga for Enlightenment

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